With the recent hype around Specimen Carp fishing in South Africa, there has been an influx of big Carp Brands into the carp fishing market in recent years. With this comes healthy competition and an environment for positive growth from which all anglers can benefit.

With brands like FOX, Prologic, Shimano, Korda, Nash and others being introduced to the South African market, more and more conventional anglers are switching over to this style of carp fishing which promotes carp safety and the catching of bigger more elusive specimens in the dam whilst looking good on the bank. The big carp industry have been dominated by only a few brands in the past but with more brands entering South Africa it made sense to have a platform such as SA Fishing Festival to not only introduce anglers to the variety that there is but also have these new tackle items on display and available for purchase directly to the public.

At the 2017 SA Fishing festival we saw a number of great new brands and products available to this market. Anglers were treated to workshops with some of the biggest names out there such as 4 time World Champion Gilbert Foxcroft and Neville Barnard. These workshops were packed by interested anglers wanting to know more about the sport of Specimen Carp fishing.

Specimen Carp Fishing is certainly on the rise and with more and more big fish making their way into angler’s nets the sport grows steadily and is heading toward the healthy carp fishing scene of many countries in Europe. SA Fishing Festival will certainly play its role in the growth of the sport and hope to see many more brands and anglers find their place in the South African Fishing industry